• 28 Days Later: The Government Shutdown Horror Story Continues

    If the partial government shutdown was a horror movie, it could now be called “28 Days Later.” We’re rapidly closing in on the one-month mark for the partial government shutdown, and developments...

  • U.S. Capitol is photographed behind a chain fence in Washington

    Shutdown Could Be a Hint of Things to Come

    By Michael Rainey

    As long as the current government shutdown ends within the next few weeks, the cost to the overall economy should be relatively modest, says Andrew Hunter of Capital Economics. Much of the lost...

  • U.S. President Trump participates in the Missile Defense Review announcement at the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia

    Trump Strikes Back at Pelosi, Blocking Her Overseas Trip

    Friday will be day 28 of the partial government shutdown, but Thursday’s developments offered little hope that closed federal departments and agencies would be reopening soon — and little to allay...

  • The Great Debt Debate

    By Michael Rainey

    We told you last week about a new paper from economist Olivier Blanchard that caused a stir by suggesting that government debt may be less problematic than many experts have believed. Blanchard found...

  • Federal Workers Have Missed an Average $5,000 in Pay So Far

    By Michael Rainey

    Government employees who are not receiving paychecks during the shutdown have lost about $5,000 each on average so far, according to an analysis by The New York Times. In total, the missing pay comes...

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